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Over the years, I have purchased a couple of Hot Spring Spas! Clearly, they are above and beyond the best spa on the market. Each time, I purchased the Soverign Spa. They are reliable. Just set it and forget it! Hot Spring Spas are always ready when you are. Set the desired temperature and it is ready when you need it, 24-7! My spa is so easy to take care of and uses very little chemicals! I have it sitting outside under a covered canopy and it looks wonderful. My guests that visit are always complementing me on my Hot Spring Spa! Due to various sports related surgeries and life’s aches and pains, I use my spa 2-3 times a day and it always leaves me recharged/refreshed. For me, I even use less pain medication as a result of my daily use of my spa! Treat yourself to a little therapy and relaxation and purchase your own Hot Spring Spa today, you won’t regret it! Its the purchase that keeps on giving. Here’s wishing you a relaxing time in your own Hot Spring Spa today! Once you experience the difference of a Hot Spring Spa, you will settle for no other. Good day and happy hot tubing!