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We purchased our Grandee in 2010 and it’s now going on 5 years of use. Maintenance has been good – we’ve had a few minor issues and Hot Spring’s addressed them immediately and to our full satisfaction. We had the ACE option installed in ours and that’s made the tub a very low maintenance items for us. We have to remember to set it to the lowest settings during periods of low use, otherwise the ACE system cranks out a bit too much chlorine. We’ve experienced one small leak from the heater assembly after 4 years of operation but that was fixed within 48 hours under warranty. Generally the consumables are just a little pricey – particularly the Vanishing ACT hardness reducer, but overall I’d have to say our operating costs are in line with our expectations. We were also worried initially that our electric bill would increase but we actually hardly notice the impact. This tub runs extremely quiet and 4-6 people can comfortably fit in it. We’ve gotten years of use and if I had to do it over again, I would buy exactly the same tub. However, I imagine we’ll have this one for many more years to come. And don’t overlook those moto-massage jets – just the thing after a long day at work.

Jeff T