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Perfect for easing Fibromyalgia pain and Insomnia

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We are first time spa owners who spent hours researching major spa manufacturers and decided to purchase a HotSpring Pulse floor model. Our salesperson patiently addressed our questions and concerns, and the price for this quality spa was amazing. We have been tubbing for 3.5 months and this has been one of the only therapies that have helped my fibromyalgia pain and associated insomnia as we use our spa almost every night. The jets can be adjusted to just the right angle and pressure for a perfect hydro therapy massage. As for the waterfall feature, I thought it was just decorative, but the action of the water falling over my neck muscles, combined with the ambiance of the tranquil lighting, provides a perfect spa experience. We live in the Pittsburgh, PA area and used the spa during 0 degrees, and the power consumption was minimal. Our beautiful Pulse is also a magical oasis away from the cares of the world to enjoy relaxing time with family. WE LOVE OUR HOTSPRING PULSE SPA